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First of Many


To start off, this is my first time blogging in any way, so I may a bit rough at first. But in honor of my first post, I have great news! This weekend, myself along with the Politics Club, is going to Chicago for the American Model United Nations (AMUN). AMUN is basically a conference for college students interested in politics to come together and role play a United Nations meeting. This year Augustana is acting as the representative of Uruguay.  I’m pretty excited. I’ve never participated in anything like this back at my high school. From what I’ve heard this will be pretty fun and I can’t wait for all the fun stories I’ll bring back to Augie with me. But before I can enjoy playing political puppet master, I have a great deal of work I have to do. But I promise the next time I post something, I’ll have some pictures of me looking classy and professional. *Points at self* Future lawyer over here.

I’m actually kind of curious to see who is actually reading this. Hopefully I can get some of your responses, to get a gauge (see what I did there?) of who’s reading.  I’m involved with a lot of stuff on campus so I have no shortage of stuff to blog about. For anyone reading, go check out SAGA art gallery on Sunday. I have a few works submitted to it like this little number here:

gage-meyers Shiva

For a better view, click on the image.

I made this last spring after I got back from Spring Break in New Jersey with my older brother. We went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City and I say this fantastic copper statue of the Indian  god,  Shiva, and I forgot about until I  got front of a computer with the art program, Adobe Illustrator. I found some cool butterfly designs and basically reconstructed the statue. I’m sure someone can find some symbolism with the butterflies, and I would love to hear it.


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  1. That image is awesome! Didn’t know you were an artist. I hope to hear more about AMUN in your next blog! Have fun!

  2. Awesome art. Show more!

  3. Thanks for sharing. Love your artwork!

  4. Nice work on the art piece.

  5. I heard about the AMUN; I hope it went well for you! Awesome piece of art, show more!

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