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Senior year is here already

Hello, and welcome to my blog, where I will attempt to offer some insight into what it is like being a senior at Augustana as well as my involvement in the sports information office at the school among other things.

First things first, you should know what I mean by sports information because I will likely mention it in most of my posts.  The sports information director/office is responsible for covering all of the athletic events that the school participates in. In short, the sports information director (SID) is in charge of  keeping team and player statistics as well as game results and awards or honors (e.g. player of the week, academic all-conference, etc.) and distributing the information both to the media and the public (usually by means of e-mail and the school website).

As far as myself, there are a few things you should know other than what is mentioned in my bio.  To begin, I dread the first day of class every term because there are very few people that can pronounce my last name correctly on the first try. My last name, Leifheit, is pronounced as if the words life and height were combined into one word.  Now that that is clarified I will also share that I am an only child who loves country music (I’ll listen to just about anything though).  Although I don’t live on a farm, my grandparents do and therefore I’ve spent a lot of time there and one of my first jobs was baling and unloading hay with my grandpa and uncle. The final thing I will share today is that my favorite part of watching any movie is the point in the movie when it is revealed why the movie received its title.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. I love why you watch a movie – I’m totally going to think about that now.

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