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Davenport, Iowa: Christmas Capital of the World

Guess what guys?

I went on an adventure today. 

photo (2)


My friend Emma and I took our first jaunt across the river to visit the Quad Cities Festival of Trees in Davenport, Iowa this afternoon. (Quick background on Emma because I’m sure she’ll be a frequent character in this blog. She and I went to high school together and both hail from the glorious Crystal Lake, Illinois. She is an amazing flute player, talented photographer and dedicated cat enthusiast. We occasionally accidentally wear matching outfits, and sometimes I think we are actually twins who were separated at birth, à la the hit 90’s TV show Sister,Sister) A very important thing to know about Emma and I, is that we both have copious amounts of Christmas spirit. So, when my boss very kindly gave me a free ticket to this event, I knew who I was going to make go with me.  We did a little research online yesterday and discovered that there was all sorts of different stuff at the festival; trees, gingerbread houses, gifts, performers, raffles and Santa. Obviously, we couldn’t resist, and settled on going today.


Everywhere you looked, you saw Christmas stuff. Here is a small glimpse at the wonders this event holds.


Emma, looking  festive next to a tree. 


These gingerbread houses that put to shame any gingerbread house I’ve ever made.


Penguins in a replica of their natural North Pole habitat (I assume)


A tree covered in aliens


A nice aerial view 


I would definitely recommend it to anyone in this area. Click here if you’d like any information about the festival.  Getting to explore the Quad Cites and experience all the different things going on around here is a really great part about Augustana. It’s a lot of fun to get off campus and see what’s happening, I would encourage everyone to do it!


I hope everyone has a happy Thanksgiving  and enjoys their break!




P.S. my obsession has been upgraded from animals in boots to animals in gym shoes.  So here’s a dog wearing tiny Nikes.


You’re welcome.


6 Responses to “Davenport, Iowa: Christmas Capital of the World”

  1. Oh my gosh. You are my new favorite blogger 😉

  2. Love the Festival of Trees! So glad you got to check it out. There is even a parade with huge helium balloons (think Macy’s Day Parade) to kick it off. Too bad it was FREEZING on Saturday. You’ll have to check it out next year! Enjoyed the pictures of the Festival!

  3. I’ve lived in the QCA-area my whole life, and I just need to say “thank you” for this blog. It’s always good to be reminded of the great opportunities in our backyard. Festival of Trees is a wonderful event, and I appreciated the reminder … and your photos!

  4. You’ve only just begun to explore the Quad Cities! There’s a lot more to it than black squirrels, cute as they may be 🙂

  5. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog post! I will be sure to tell Santa that you were good this year!

  6. Christmas is the best holiday!! And I think that it brings out the best in people during these cold winter months!

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