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Come on over, the door is open, let yourself in.

This is going to be the completely vain and incredibly brief summary of who I am and why you should keep reading, though I can’t say I blame you at all if you are uninterested.

My name is Keila (Kay-la) Anali (Ana-lee) Saucedo (Sa-ow-seed-oh). My name is constantly being mispronounced. I am Mexican-American and this is my first year here.

I am really interested in talking about current events dealing with pop culture, social justice, equality and all that jazz. Because of my interests in these topics I feel like most of my blog will center in on those types of things.

I was in a communications academy all throughout high school, during this time I was given first hand experience in writing scripts, anchoring for a school news broadcast, and getting very frustrated with Macbooks. I was also on the Speech and Drama team, focusing on extemporaneous speaking. Translation? I was a gigantic nerd.

But an artsy nerd at that! I was heavily involved in theater, inside of my high school and elsewhere, and I have also been dabbling in slam poetry since 6th grade.

Those are the basics! I look forward to reading everyone else’s blogs and posting on this one.


2 Responses to “Come on over, the door is open, let yourself in.”

  1. totally waiting for some slam poetry samples…

  2. So happy you are blogging! Keep up the good work! I am going to have to send these to you friends at SEHS!

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