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Freshman Year Fall Term in Pictures

Hello readers! (AKA hey Mom, Dad and that kid I paid $5 to read this and tell me how great it is)


Welcome to my very first Augie blog! I’m very excited to be giving you a look at Augustana life from my point of view.  I remember reading through these blogs when I was just a naive youngin’ (okay…. like four months ago) , trying to figure out what being a freshman was really like. While I can’t promise that everything I write will be relevant, or logical for that matter, I’m going to try my hardest to show what life is like for a slightly odd  normal first year student. 


Ok, so let me catch you guys up on where I’m at right now. I just finished my very first term, which is more than a little terrifying. I can’t believe a whole 1/12th of my college experience has flown by so quickly. Here is a pretty accurate visual representation of what those first ten weeks were like.








It was scary at first, and as an admitted hater of change, I had a tough time adjusting. Once I settled in however, college became incredible. I could stay up as late as I wanted watching Netflix and my mom couldn’t even yell at me.  It was so liberating.  I enjoyed all my classes, and had a lot of fun getting to meet new people and experiencing all the Augie scene has to offer.

So here I am today, well into the first week of term two.  I am suddenly finding myself with a lot less free time than I had last term. Between having more classes, a new job, and more activities, my time for middle of the day naps has decreased significantly. So! That about brings you up to date. With that, I will say goodbye and leave you with a picture of my latest obsession: small animals wearing boots.




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  1. Hey! I didn’t get $5. 🙁 Oh well, this was a good post. I’m glad I read it.
    Yeah, college is pretty much like that all four years (except with a lot more reading), but I’m sure you can handle it.

    P.S. Omgthatpigiswearingbootsthatisthecutestthingever!

  2. THIS is completely hilarious. Great blog.

  3. I loved this blog post. It pretty much describes the experiences I’ve had too! And yes, it gets harder and harder to find time for netflix and naps! Loved the adorable pig in rainboots!

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