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Fall’s Over, Christmas Is Around the Corner!

Welcome back Augie! How was Fall Break for everyone? Personally, mine was great! I got to go home to the good old Rocky Mountains in Colorado so that was fun. Getting out there was a trip to say the least! The flight was itself was great but the experience with the SOuthwest personnel at Midway was another story. First, I arrived at the airport for my 4 o’clock flight at around 11:30 in the morning. Did you know they will not let you check in or your bags more than 4 hours prior to your flight? Can someone please take a moment to explain why checking my bag more than 4 hours before my flight is a security risk? You have my bag, it’s not like I can tamper with it any longer! Silliness I tell you, silliness! Once 12:30 rolled around I proceeded to check in and make my way through security. Once arrived at the gate I sat around for about 4 hours, until I looked at the board saying my flight was delayed 25 minutes. An hour. An hour and a half. Finally the flight was delayed to 5:20. However, once I made it onto the plane it was all smooth sailing!
Once home, I saw my family, which was much needed after 10 weeks without them! And I got to see my dog, which was my highlight. Over break I saw my two best friends from home whom are still in high school finishing up their last year! That was exciting. On my last day I saw my best best friend. We’ve known each other for 18+ years and have never been more than 100 ft away from each other.

That's us from the Brad Paisley concert this summer!

That’s us from the Brad Paisley concert this summer!

Also on the last day, I also had an early Thanksgiving with my family since I will be unable to go home for actual Thanksgiving. SO much good food!
With that all said and done, I am back to the homestead! I’m looking forward to this term and hopefully blogging more! No actually I will be!

Regards and best wishes,

P.S. My roommate and our friends are YELLING hump day as well as a couple High School Musical songs and various rap songs….should I be worried?

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  1. Hurray Colorado!! And early Thanksgiving.

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