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Breaking back into the Augie Bubble:The fall break of a first year

Welcome back to winter term! After successfully surviving my fall term and finals, I had headed into fall break with high hopes. I did some pretty awesome stuff over break despite the fact that I had stayed until Sunday (!?)  since I had worked over sixteen (!?) hours for the ILMEA District two contest. Over the first weekend of break, I had the opportunity to break out of the Augie bubble and experience some of the Quad Cities. Some of the locations I went to were South Park Mall, The Sky Bridge, Blue Cat Brewery in the District and had my first Hy-vee chinese food experience. I had a ton of fun taking pictures with my friends on the sky bridge especially (or the rainbow bridge as I commonly call it…)




The rest of the weekend was spent working. My break was pretty boring, I saw my orthodontist. applied for my passport and spent some much needed time with my family. I actually had the opportunity to visit my aunt who works at the field museum where I was able to see the Worlds Fair exhibit (which I highly recommend the next time youre in Chicago) and I also had the opportunity to meet youtube personalities Emily Graslie of  Brain Scoop and Michael Aranda


To wrap up break, I made some pumpkin bread and headed back to campus, well rested and ready to take on a new term. Winter term brings new classes and band literature as we prepare for the upcoming Japan Tour (!!!) A lot of new things are on the way and I can’t wait to share them with you. Good luck starting off Winter Term and hope you all had a good break! Talk to you again next week. Feel free to tell me something awesome you did over break in the comments.

This is Barrie, Signing off.


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  1. Sounds like an awesome break! I went back home to Colorado and the highlight was going to an Avalanche hockey game.

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