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Wrapping Up Fall Term

untitledThe last few weeks of fall term were pretty crazy. Regular end-of-term madness, but I’ve written enough about being busy. So I thought I’d jot down a few random thoughts about the end of the term.

1) ETU: Electric Theatre Unplugged

One of ETU’s shows last year was called “You’ve Probably Never Heard Of Us” and that sentiment remains true today. ETU is a group that writes, directs and performs 30-ish plays in 60-ish minutes. The twist is that the audience chooses the order! Auditions are week 1 (usually) and the cast works on the show all term and performs week 10. I’ve been to almost every ETU show, but last term was my first time performing in it.

I loved the experience for several reasons. It kept me writing, when I usually have no time to write. We wrote a bunch of funny, edgy plays. Our cast (including the erudite Gary Miller) was really great, and though our first show was a little rough, our second show went really well.

2) Choir update

My last post was about the Augustana Choir singing a Tamil song. I went to the choir concert at the end of term to see how they’d do. I’ve never been to a choir concert at Augie before, and I really enjoyed it. I know next to nothing about music, but I particularly enjoyed the variety of songs. As for the Augustana Choir’s version of Balleilakka, I was impressed. It wasn’t perfect, but as I told a firend, “I never thought I’d hear such beautiful Tamil come out of the mouths of Americans.”

3) Group papers… Don’t do them

Well, if a professor assigns you one, I’m not advocating rebellion. But I had a 12-15 page group paper last term that is the most painful paper I’ve had to write thus far. Only 3 pages per person, you might say. Isn’t that a whole lot better than having to write 12-15 pages on your own? Actually, I think I spent more time on that paper than I would have on a 12-15 page paper on my own. Then there was the one person who didn’t show up to anything and wrote three pages that had next to nothing to do with our topic. There was the three-hour final editing session. There were the meetings with our professor. There was just not being able to write on my own schedule.

Don’t get me wrong–aside from that one person, I liked my group very much. And I understand why my professorassigned a group paper instead of an individual paper. But having to coordinate with four other people during week 10 to write a paper, when I could have planned and written a 12-15 page paper much more easily on my own time is just not my cup of tea.


Fall term was actually a whole lot of fun. Hanging out with my roommates, Quidditch and ETU. Various Alpha Psi performances. Interesting classes. It was stressful, it was busy, but now that I’m done with it, it was enjoyable.

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  1. Group paper sounds like a nightmare. Good for you in persisting.

  2. Group papers are terrible. I ended up writing the entire paper for a group project last term…fun times.

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