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National Epilepsy Awareness Month

In October, I see pink. Pink everywhere. In people’s hair, on clothes, and even in many sporting events. While I am not one to refuse to support the great cause of breast cancer awareness, I count down the days until October is over so I can ditch my pink and deck out in PURPLE because


This month became extremely important to me around 2 years ago when I first started dating my current boyfriend, who has epilepsy. My dog was also diagnosed with epilepsy around that time interestingly enough.

Kevin and my two dogs. Mochi, the small black one, also has epilepsy.


In the 2+ years we’ve been dating, Kevin has had two “Grand Mal” seizures, which are probably what you would think of if I said the word “seizure”, but did you know there are different types of seizures? WELL! It’s Epilepsy AWARENESS month, so allow me to inform you!!

Generalized Seizures
(Produced by the entire brain)
1. “Grand Mal” or Generalized tonic-clonic Unconsciousness, convulsions, muscle rigidity
2. Absence Brief loss of consciousness
3. Myoclonic Sporadic (isolated), jerking movements
4. Clonic Repetitive, jerking movements
5. Tonic Muscle stiffness, rigidity
6. Atonic Loss of muscle tone



There a good list from webmd.com, but that’s not all of them. In fact, there are about 40 total different types of seizures, so just because it isn’t the dramatic type you see in the movies, someone having the seizure still needs help!!

Speaking of HELP!

Here’s another great resource from the Epilepsu Foundation of Greater Los Angeles (We also have a Foundation of Greater Chicago)

Personally, it’s really hard having a loved one with epilepsy. I experienced just how little people know about seizures the first time Kevin had a seizure in public. It’s scary trusting other people with the life of  someone you really care for, and it’s a lot scarier when you realize how many people would not be prepared. That’s what November should be about: learning to help others with epilepsy. You could even save a life one day!

“Be Kind, For Everyone You Meet Is Fighting Their Own Battle” -John Watson

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  1. Thanks for the info, Natalie. I don’t think many people do know the symptoms, so this is helpful.

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