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Augustana People: Jenna Hofmann, Tickle Me Elmo Enthusiast


Jenna is one of three former Columbine Rebels here at Augustana. Back at  Columbine There’s a saying, “Once a Rebel, always a Rebel,” this goes beyond being a cheeky T-shirt slogan or some cliché, if you’re from there your family. Of course families sometimes fight and don’t see each other for a while. A perfect example of this, me and my favorite teacher Tom Tonelli got into a fist fight over the last otter pop while I was working there this summer and teachers Kiki Leyba and Scott Thomas had to pull us apart and put us in short people time out. Only three people will get that little joke, everyone else will just imagine two Ewoks getting pulled apart by Han Solo and Chewbacca.


Jenna is one of my closest allies in my personal war on normal and I can’t thank her enough for being my friend even when I pick my nose and eat my boogers.  She also plays LAX, pronounced “LAW CROSS” for some reason.  I’ve never seen an actual LAX game even when my brother Raziah Jones used to play, I usually just went to the nearest playground and watched my littlest brother Troy fall down the slide.  I’m guessing LAX is a co-ed sport involving boys fighting girls with sticks while they are all dressed like New Englanders. I believe the sport started as a way to decide who gets to marry the prettiest girls in the village of Nantucket, MA. A poem about this sport starts out as, “There once was a girl from Nantucket . . .” we all know the rest as it delves into the intricacies of the sport. LAX has now become so popular that Tom Brady plays it with Gisele Bundchen in the off-season! When Tom Brady endorses something you know it’s big time!



Let’s get to know Hofmoney some more.

Here she is in her natural habitat

Here she is in her natural habitat

1. What is your major and minor?
JH: “I am majoring in Communication Studies and Business-Management & Marketing.”
2. What made you choose Augie?
JH: “I chose Augie for the people! Everyone is so fun and friendly!”
3. What hockey player is going to be your husband?
 JH: “I will marry my main Swedish man, Gabriel Landeskog. Hello perfection.” (Disclaimer: Lots of Gabe Coming up)
4. What are you involved with at Augustana?
JH:  “I’m involved in lacrosse, the Chi Omega Gamma sorority, the club hockey team, and Rocky Mountain Club.”
5. We are from the same hometown, if you were to take someone from Augie back home where would you take them to eat?
JH: “For Mexican food, I would say Illegal Pete’s, but if you are looking for a good burger, Bud’s Cafe and Bar has the greatest burger I’ve ever had.”
6. Who do you look up to most?
 JH: “In real life, Gary Miller of course. (Suck up) In television life, Alex Moran of Blue Mountain State. Shenanigans for dayz.”
7. You are stuck in the wild with a speak n spell as your only company, it’s the middle of winter, besides the Ghostbusters, who ya gonna call?
 JH: “John Elway!”
8. If you could change one thing about the world what would it be?
JH: “I would like to see teleporting become a thing. That would change my world for the better.”
9. What is your favorite Insane Clown Posse song and how down with the clown are you?
 JH: “Miracles, that one asking how magnets work. Very quality song and the only one I know.”
10. If you could have OSL bring one musical artist to Augie who would it be?

JH: “Well it would be a super group called MESHIE, which combines Macklemore (M), Ke$ha (esh), and Hoodie Allen (ie). That would be neat.”


“Keep it Real.
Stay Laxy”.-Jenna Hofmann
If you're missing that dog she ate it.

If you’re missing that dog she ate it.


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  1. So glad to know more about Jenna Hofmann. She’s one of my favorites. Go Rebels!

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