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Sometimes it takes something Insane to fight the Freshman Fifteen

Greetings fellow Vikes!

Well midterms have passed (even though I technically didn’t have any…) and we are well on our way to the dreaded finals week. I’m finally getting into the swing of things:

I’ve actually committed my schedule to memory,

successfully made it home to present at a Relay For Life Conference,

started working five days a week in the bakery

and have somehow managed to take on a new challenge.

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Yes, you all saw the emails that went out about Insanity at the glorious hour of 7 in the morning. About a week ago, I noticed that I have turned into your standard college kid, staying up late, going for pretty much everything in the CSL and napping during any bit of free time in between classes. This lifestyle, as many of you know, comes with its downsides and I am talking about the freshman fifteen. In all honesty, I’ve never to have been a “skinny” person but it’s been awhile since I’ve let my weight get this much out of hand. When I got to the verge of permanently settling into this college lifestyle, I got that campus wide email about Insanity and that had ended up sparking my new initiative to get fit.  This past week I have even found the motivation to start heading into pepsico in the mornings before class and fitting in an hour long work out. It doesnt just take exercise though to fully change your lifestyle so I’m changing my diet too.I have decided to start making healthier choices when I eat. I have actually become quite partial to the vegetarian options offered by wild thymes and greens and things is always a go to for me. I’m actually going to try being a vegetarian for the rest of this term just to see how it goes. If you’re interested, my cousin actually runs a sweet blog about staying fit in college as well as some awesome recipes which have been getting me started with this process. You can check it out here:


its definitely worth looking at if youre intersted in changing your lifestyle too.

Sure, my workouts are leaving me sore and I have yet to work on scheduling sleep properly but I’ve noticed that I have been feeling way better about myself lately and slowly, I’m starting to shed that weight.  Please know that I’m not exactly doing this to become “skinny” but rather to get in shape, whatever that is for me. Well, that’s all for now! I’ll most likely use this blog to talk about this whole becoming fit process and about my first year experience, so feel free to comment with suggestions!


Talk again soon,

Barrie Chileen


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