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SAGA Art & Literary Magazine is Augustana’s only literary and art magazine and has some awesome news for folks who like to write, draw, read, or do anything artistic. The first order of business, this week SAGA is doing a throwback to Augustana’s Graffiti room.

What was the Graffiti room?

Well to quote a wondrously well worded email from the good ol’ Mary Jane Letendre, “In the 1970s, Augustana was home to a Graffiti room, located in East Hall. This was a space where students and faculty were allowed to creatively  express themselves in a positive, constructive way”.

Essentially this is your chance as an Augustana student to be a creative hooligan.

"Nap time, no mother you take a nap . . . forever"

“Nap time, no mother you take a nap . . . forever”

If you are reading this and raising your hand to ask where this can be done, good for you. I’ll give you a cookie for your patience. Well, it can be done in the CSL (new hotness) underneath the stairs that connects the 4th floor to the 5th floor. Come on by and pretend you are a troll too! Make people pay a toll! SAGA will have supplies for people to make some artistic shenanigans there.  If you feel like covering yourself in glitter at home and telling everyone you’re trying to reflect the sunlight towards the Martians, I’ll think that’s artistic and not crazy. Bring any photos, art, or cool stuff to put on there is what I’m saying.


Why are you doing this SAGA?


SAGA is doing this because for the first time there will be only ONE issue published this year. During the release party the art people here at Augustana have created will be put up for everyone to see. That being said, someone who is artistic please draw the entire Captain Planet team. Do it for me.


The exciting news is that it is now a color issue. For the first time ever, a color issue. It’s like when the world finally said, “why are we living in black and white? Lucille Ball would look way funnier in color”. After making a few long distance calls, Walt Disney finally colored the world and the world never looked better. Currently SAGA is accepting submissions and the deadline is January 3rd. Submit Prose, Poetry, and/or art my friends to this email, sagamagazine@gmail.com. Verbatim here is how it works.

“We prefer that poetry and prose is attached as a word document, or if that isn’t possible as rich text format. Make sure that the title(s) of your piece(s) match those you wrote in the email.

Art is to be submitted in jpg format OR we will accept physical submissions. Please name the jpg to match the title you listed in the email. To submit a physical submission, send an email to sagamagazine@gmail.com and email either Hannah Bohn or Alexandria Petrassi to arrange a means to submit your physical piece. We will use the physical piece in the selection process then photograph it for the magazine if it has been selected. Then the art editors will arrange an occasion to return your work to you.

We will accept up to 10 submissions in each section (art, poetry, and prose) and we encourage you to submit pieces to each board.”

One of our wonderful editors Hannah Bohn has this to say about SAGA.

Now, I know that there are some closet writers and artists out there and for you folks I have a message: We need you. We need your art and your poetry and your prose to beautify our lives. But wait! You don’t know how to spread your joy? You don’t know if Augustana is the place to show off your creative spirit? Well I have beautiful news for you: SAGA is here for you. SAGA can be your AA…your “Artists Anonymous”…. only we celebrate your creativity by publishing it!! SAGA can be your artistic outlet, your creative community, your muse mechanism. We want your art because your art is a piece of you.We want SAGA to be a reflection of Augustana’s creative side, a side often oppressed by the tedium of hooooomeeeewooorrrrkkkk blaaaaghhhh. SAGA is something different. Something that lets you be you. 
We all need more art in our lives, am I right, people?? Submit everything and anything to SAGA. Beautify our lives. Stay legendary.
-Hannah (BohnThug) Bohn
Important things to know if you just felt like skipping this entire thing until the end, come get real art like on that tribute to the graffiti room under the stairs all this week from 8:30 am to 7pm and submit your art. That means you Kyle Frake.
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