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So… There’s No Government…?

Welcome back! Let’s dive right into things and I’ll discuss myself later. The government shut down at 12:01 AM on Oct. 1. Yes, you read that right: the government SHUT DOWN. So what does that mean? Like really? Can the big guys running the country really just turn it off and move on with their lives? Apparently so. Although there’s some restraints. I’ll address them lightly here but if you want more information please feel free to contact me and I can give you some information (or you could just Google it and then use a reliable site..)!

What the government shutting down looks like:
Basically what it sounds like, if it doesn’t concern national security (armed forces), public safety (police departments), or is written into national law (Social Security) it won’t be stopped. However, everything else will. Except post offices. When I say everything, I mean:
E V E R Y T H I N G. Have a trip planned to a national park? Think again 100+ are closing! Going to New York? Don’t plan a visit to the Statue of Liberty, cause (yupp, you called it!) it’s closed to!! Don’t worry guys, mail will still be delivered! So you won’t be missing a care package from good ol’ mom and pop.

How can this silliness be fixed?
Simply put: Congress learns how to get along. HA! We all know that is much easier said than done. With a House controlled by Republicans and a Senate run by Democrats, the solution seems far and muddy.
Overall, the shutdown will last as long as Congress cannot agree upon how to fund themselves (the government) and depending on political pressure this could last anywhere from one day to (fingers-crossed) two weeks. So yea… There’s no government for now!

So transition timeeeeeee! On a lighter note: MIDTERMS ARE OVER!! Well, for the most part. Which means there is only 40% of the term left! Yay! I’m mostly excited to go home… to the Rocky Mountains… to no friends cause no one is ever on a trimester schedule… Its appropriate to hang out with the seniors at my high school? Looks like they’re my only friends in 5 weeks.. Also my floor has entered the twilight zone, officially.
Sorry this post was so long! And rather boring actually.. If yo have an idea for a blog topic, let me know!

Stay awesome,

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