A window inside life at Augustana College

The Beginning

Hello all! First and foremost, I am Andie! I can’t say I’m new to blogging however, I am new to blogging for a purpose. I will try to write about once a week-mostly depending on my availability.. Anyways, back to the introductions. I am a “first-year” here at hilly Augustana and my experience so far has been unbelievable. I play lacrosse, I attempt to join clubs, and I go to class. When not in Rock Island, I live in beautiful Colorado. Although, I miss it Augie is a great alternative. I like to consider myself social and outgoing, so if you do ever see me come say hi!
Week 4 is wrapping up here, which means midterms are around the corner! Nervous? A little. But can I just say college homework is not nearly as bad as I thought it would be nor as bad as people made it out to be. Honestly, go to class pay attention and you’re golden! I’ve already taken my first exam and it really wasn’t that bad, could I have done better? Absolutely. Am I disappointed in the outcome? Not at all. Moral of the story kids: Go to class, take notes, ask questions, pay attention, and do your homework and your tests will go swimmingly.
And on that note I will wrap up my first post. If anyone ever has an idea for a topic or anything, please do not hesitate to share it? I will try my hardest to do something with it!
You matter,



P.S. That’s me! Come find me and say hi!

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