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22 Things I did before turning 22

It’s been hard coming to terms with turning 22 tomorrow. I feel like 21 was such an awesome age to be (and not just because I’m “legal”). So no Taylor Swift, I DON’T WANT to feel twenty two. Instead I would like to bask in my relative youth for one more day. And reflect on some cool twenty two things I did before turning twenty two


1. Ate a termite off the mound

2. gained over 100 sisters in one day

3.saved lives through donating blood

4.during a class stock exchange game, invested all my money in Caterpillar because its abbreviation was CAT

5. swam with sharks and sting rays

which I don’t have actual pictures of, but here’s a turtle I swam with

6. learned to sail, kayak, and windsurf at the United Kingdom Sailing Academy

7. fell in love


8. Got a 5 on my AP Calc test

9. climbed the Eiffel Tower

10.played with wild animals

11. went ziplining through the rainforest

12.karate chopped a board in half

13.got scratched by a wolf (cub…. small scratch)

14.went dogsledding

15.had a hole in my arm

16. skiied a black diamond run

17. Rode the Men In Black ride at Universal Studios 13 times in a row

18. worked at Milwaukee Summerfest

19. recorded on a CD

20. Chicago Zombie Walk


21. Explored Las Vegas while being under 21 (it was still cool, I swear)

22. raised over $100 two years in a row for Relay for Life

2 Responses to “22 Things I did before turning 22”

  1. What made you decide to try eating a termite? Was it a dare, or an invitation from an indigenous tribe?

  2. It was during a class trip to Belize! We were hiking through a forest and came across a termite mound. Our tour guide told us that termites are actually pretty good sources of nutrition if you’re ever trapped in the wild. He then invited us to try one if we wanted. Everyone was doing it! Haha

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