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I’m in College, now what? Homecoming edition

When I was in High School. There was one special week that I could barely wait an entire year for. And that week was:



During homecoming, our school would pit the classes against each other in challenges of spirit. We would get points for winning competitions such as float building, getting the most class members to dress up, window decorating, hall decorating. I remember there was a huuuuge upset when the 2010 juniors beat the seniors for the spirit stick (a reward almost ALWAYS given to the seniors). Being a part of it was an incredible experience being the infamous class of 2010… twenty tEN! TWENTY TEN! TWENTY TEN! TWENTY TEN! TWEnntyy…. ahem. Excuse me.


So imagine my confusion when I got here. “WHAT? I don’t go to class dressed as a Dr. Suess character?” Because of this confusion, I did not really participate in homecoming my freshman year… Something I regret to this day.

So, to the new members of Augustana, allow me to give you a brief overview of some events you really shouldn’t miss during homecoming! And the first starts on Sunday with the:


Tuesday- KICK OFF BONFIRE: This is on Tuesday night, probably in the lower quad. This is a really nice relaxing evening to get some free food, hang out with your friends around little fire pits, and listen to some good music. The homecoming court is also revealed, and the football team usually makes an appearance too. (And you should all know how I love football boys boy)


Wednesday- TALENT SHOW: The talents show never fails to impress. Anybody is open to audition, so the variety is pretty impressive. Last year there were dancers, singers, soccer ball “juggler”, and even hand bells! It’s on Wednesday… I know, I know, the middle of the week… But it is a great study break and a ton of fun for everyone!


photo credit: Drew Barnes Photography


Thursday -YELL and ROPE PULL: If there is EVER a night to make you feel more pumped than you do on Yell night, I have yet to experience it. Think cheerleading meets Stomp the Yard. If you ever doubt that sorority girls can be hardcore, you NEED to come to yell. there is also a rope pull and cheerleading and Vikettes performances.


Friday – SING and HOMECOMING COURT CORONATION: The night starts with Homecoming court nomination. The entire homecoming court is announced and crowned I’m not going to lie, it’s a bit lengthy. But you should still go show your support! Afterwards is SING! Sing is pretty much a compilation of short Augustana-themed musicals performed by different groups. It is a highly entertaining and often hilarious night.

Our group's theme was Las Vegas (Photo Credit: Drew Barnes photography)

Our group’s theme was Las Vegas (Photo Credit: Drew Barnes photography)


Saturday is JAM-PACKED with stuff to do! To start there’s the cardboard regatta. Groups build cardboard boats and race them down the slough! It’s actually pretty impressive seeing what some groups can make out of cardboard. It’s less impressive, but infinitely funnier to watch other groups immediately sink into the slough. During the regatta, be sure to check out the tables at the festival. Different groups on campus will have tables set up offering activities and other things to purchase. This is also a good time to ask about a group if you’re still interested in joining a club, its never too late to join!! 😀 Finally HOMECOMING GAME!! That’s pretty self-explanatory! GO VIKES!!


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