A window inside life at Augustana College


This is my first post on my blog so I guess I’m just going to start off with the basics.

I am a first year

I am involved with Percussion Ensemble, Symphonic Band and Symphony Orchestra

I plan on majoring in Environmental Studies and Engineering

I live in Westie

I absolutely love to bake



So my first month here has been pretty fantastic to say the least, I never had thought that college could actually end up being easier than high school. Im finding more time to practice, sleep, actually do my homework and even explore different groups on campus. My classes are pretty easy as well,a lot easier than I had originally thought coming in. I’ve gotten some sweet care packages as well (like 49 cookies from my friend that owns a bakery!?)


Probably one of the best things that has helped me in my first month here was surprisingly my roommate. I had decided after seeing the frantic scramble on the facebook group to find a roommate actually wasn’t going to be what was going to work best for me. I went with a random roommate and Megan has turned out to be the perfect match. I remember coming into this school freaking out because I hadn’t really known anyone but after having skyped with Megan over the summer, I had felt pretty good about the whole thing and we have become pretty good friends in our time here.


I really cant wait to see where this year takes me and how well I’m going to survive this term, well it’s off to a registration seminar for fall term. That’s all for now!

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