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You Know You’re an Upperclassman When…

1) Peanut butter and jelly become two of life’s staples

I have four classes in a row Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays–10 am to 3:45 pm. At the beginning of term, I bought a pack of frozen turkey burgers thinking I’d make myself a healthy lunch every day. How amusing of me…

It’s ten times easier to just slap peanut butter and jelly on two slices of bread, cut an apple or wash some grapes, and throw it all in a box for lunch than to drag out a pan, cook a burger, then have to wash the pan.

Most of my friends who carry lunch to class carry PB&J–easy, quick, delicious, a staple of college existence.


2) It’s week 3 and you’ve already stayed up till 1 doing homework

1 am doesn’t sound too impressive–two of my roommates have already pulled all-nighters (or close to it). But let me put things in perspective. I confess that I’ve never pulled an all-nighter (my two goals for the rest of my time at Augie–don’t go in the Slough and don’t pull an all-nighter), so that will tell you I’m pretty good at getting stuff done.

But last night, I was up till 1 am. As an upperclassman, I have more friends who want to hang out, more responsibilities with clubs and yeah, harder classes too. I’m also living with really good friends, which doesn’t really help my productivity. There are times when we’ll have hour-long conversations, then look at the clock, jump up and run to our respective rooms, realizing that we have a whole lot more homework that isn’t doing itself.

They say you can only have two out of these three in college–good grades, a social life and sleep. As an upperclassman, your social life tends to increase and hopefully, you won’t let good grades go down the tube… so the only option is less sleep.


3) You’re constantly thinking about several different levels of the future

It’s a lot easier to live in the moment (and the near future) as an underclassman. You’ve got homework, you’ve got clubs, you’ve got friends. As an upperclassman, I’m thinking about those three things… plus study abroad this spring, possible summer travel, housing for next year, a Senior Inquiry project for one of my majors and, of course, the essential question that every senior faces–job or grad school?

We all hear this constantly, but I’m going to parrot the phrase–enjoy life when you’re young!

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