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Augustana People: Erik Niemeier, Water Bender-Polo Player

This man has gone his whole life never hearing, “You gave the company to Erik!” and I’m pretty sure doesn’t even know what Billy Madison is.

I wish that were true.

He’s actually very well versed in Adam Sandler’s shenanigans. I first met Erik while we were pledging the Phi Omega Phi fraternity (Green Lantern sign, Horseshoe, Green Lantern sign).


He’s been moving and shaking his way up in the world since that time period in our freshman year. He’s been a rower, number one ranked water polo player at the DIII level, coach, sharp dressed man and human sequoia tree.

Did I mention he used to row? Well, if you have not seen Erik you would know that calling him a member of the redwood forest is a hefty compliment for a man with lats that make Batman say, “Man, I should’ve designed my cape off that! Flying squirrels and bats can go back to nature, I could fly from Hong Kong to New York with those babies!”

His mother and girlfriend must have a laborious time hugging him. It probably looks like someone wearing a Velcro suit and jumping on a Velcro wall. Erik let me climb you like a tree sometime, I’ve done it to a few friends before and became Gary of the jungle.

Erik is also working on Homecoming and I know he has taken the formidable task of making this year’s Homecoming exactly like the music video for “Safe and Sound” with special guests, the cast of Friends (impersonators)!

I'll be there for . . . you too?

“I’ll be there for . . . you too?”


So Erik, Who do you think you are?


1. What made you come to Augie?

“I came to Augie because the campus is great and the academics and population are what I was looking for in a school.”
2. What do you study?
 EN: “I am a Business Finance/Management major and Economics minor”
3. Who is your daddy and what does he do?
EN:”My pappy is Klaus Niemeier, and he works in a warehouse; he is probably my greatest motivator in life.”
4. If you had a choice of what movie monster you were going to fight, what or who would it be?
EN:” I would probably fight Bane and there is no explanation needed.”
5. What are you involved in at Augustana?
EN:”I am involved in Greek life as a Poobah where I’m the treasurer, I am the president and coach of the men and women’s water polo teams, and I am the co-chair for Homecoming.”

6. Any advice for the younger kids at Augustana?
EN:” Some advice for the youth of Augie: join as many groups as possible and talk/get to know your professors, they’re a lot cooler than you would think (trust me).”
7. Are you Aquaman? I’ve been suspicious but I need to know the truth. If you are that’s awesome.
 EN:”Although the tabloids and news papers have accused me of being said “Aquaman,” I have to deny these accusations. However, I do love being in the water for almost any reason, and water polo is my favorite sport to play, by far. “
8. What do you want out of life?
EN: “What I want out of life is to affect peoples live positively as much as possible. It could be teaching lessons, improving their lives, or motivating them in ways they never thought. There is really such a wide range but people won’t remember a man for his riches, they will remember a man for how he changed lives.”
9. Do you believe in Criss Angel magic or Harry Potter magic?
EN: “I do not believe in Chris Angels magic as he is just a gothic looking guy that spent his time with cards instead of people.” (Your mind just hasn’t been freaked yet)
10. What is your favorite song?
EN:”My favorite song is “Hurt” by Johnny Cash. I dare you to find a more heart felt song by a tougher man.”
305602_10151173585759790_1366576533_nKeep flying my friend.


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