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Already Week 3???

Whoever does not believe time flies fast is all sorts of crazy. I cannot believe that week three is about to begin, its seems like only yesterday I arrived.. and I have been here 2 weeks longer than most people because of work! This just shows how amazing Augustana truly is, my friends and everything I am involved in make each day memorable, and then the time just flies. Freshman, this is your warning. Make use of every day here because the next thing you know you will be walking across that stage.
It is interesting to watch the Freshman this year, they seem to be more tame than my class was. They all awkwardly stand outside in groups of freshman at parties unsure of what to do.. Its kind of funny because we all know who you are. I’m sure you got your homework done before you came out as well…..
But the International Students! Probably my favorite group on campus next to COG. I had the pleasure of working with them for the two weeks before school actually started, and I have never loved a job more. If you have yet to meet the foreign babies, you need to do so. Now. Before some of them start to leave (a few are leaving at the end of this term, which is totally unfair).
SO make the best of every day at Augie. Don’t be awkward and make new friends.

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