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I thought I peaked in High School…

Being a senior, my main job while I’m at home is to go through all my possessions in my room and decide to keep them, store them, or give them away. Going through a box of High School memorabilia (props from shows I was in, scholastic awards, and a sea of chorus competition medals) I muttered to myself, “I think I peaked in High School…”

I was a part of the number one choir in the state, constantly involved in theatre shows, earned awards on math team, and somehow also juggled being a part of student council, NHS, and envirothon team. All of this while keeping my GPA OVER 4.0 ALL FOUR YEARS!

Check out that prom pic!!

Check out that prom pic!!

Like, what the heck, Natalie? LOOK AT ALL YOUR HONORS, YOUR AWARDS, YOUR MEDALS!! SO impressive! Right?!


The more I think about it, though, those medals and honors and awards may be concrete proof of my accomplishments in High School, but I don’t need concrete proof to be proud of myself!

Right now in College is the most confident I have ever felt in my life. I may have been accomplishing my own personal feats in High School, but now I’m challenging much bigger things. I have been taking on leadership roles that I was too afraid to take in high school, and I’m actually doing something with them. Today, I just sat down with the adviser of Heywire, our improv troupe on campus, and told him all the plans and goals I wanted to put into effect to make our team bigger and better. I look at Augustana everyday and think of ways to make thinks easier, friendlier, overall better and find ways to try to do it. I’m determined to make my mark and leave my name here at Augie for years to come, and I think that’s a pretty cool award that doesn’t come on a piece of paper or with a medal.

Check me out helping raise thousands of dollars for American Cancer Society! NEAT!

And me helping raise thousands of dollars for American Cancer Society! NEAT! (Not to mention I helped my dad make those giant letters for my sorority to use for generations!)

I even feel like I’m so close to helping change the world, and that is a really cool feeling. I work with animals. I’ve been volunteering a Valley of the Kings for over three years now helping abused and abandoned wild animals. Now I’m also getting involved interning at the Niabi Zoo. Eventually I want to work at a zoo. To get to say that one day I will be saving endangered species and educating people about wild animal ownership and abuse (among other things) is so rewarding to me

2012-05-30 11.21.48

This wolf hybrid (half wolf, half dog), Milo, was found running through the streets of Wisconsin, clearly abandoned by his owner/breeder.

When I think about it, all my awards are still there, I just don’t need a piece of paper, plastic, or medal to show them off anymore.


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  1. This blog needs the obligatory, “You go Glen Coco!” from me. Awesome stuff.

  2. This is GREAT!! Love your perspective and that the letters will be here forever.

  3. I did envirothon too!

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