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Augustana People: THE KWilli

“Augustana is fantastic place to send your children or house pets. I never would have became the man I am or learned how to build a suit of armor that would save the world or defeat the Mandarin. Go Vikings” -Tony Stark.

The best thing about Augustana isn’t the trees that talk, the hills that give students amazing calves ( John Schraidt), the Mississippi river, or even the fact that we aren’t Illinois Wesleyan. The best part is the people that you come across that really make going here worth it. I’d love for anyone reading any of these to get to know some of the students here a little better. Our first subject is truly a free spirit and known lover of World of Warcraft: THE KWilli, known by the government as Kaity Williams. Go Vikings.



1. What magical creature would you love to see make a comeback from extinction this school year?

KW: “Ellerwomen would be a nice addition to society. I love to dance, it’d be nice to have beautiful women to dance with forever.”

2. What is your favorite mode of transportation?

KW: “If I wasn’t always running late, I would bike everywhere.”

3. Any advice on making the most out of college?

KW:  “Say YES.. to new friends, new classes, to studying, to partying, to travel, to adventure. YES.”

4. Who framed Roger Rabbit?

KW: “I’ve never seen the whole movie, but Jessica Rabbit is one sexy cartoon.”

5. What is it like being a member of the COG sorority and does it in any way resemble the movie the Godfather being in a sorority?

KW: “My only wish is to be a part of a sorority that resembles The Godfather.”

6. What does Hoobastank mean to you?

KW: “My biggest childhood regret.”

7. When you were a little child what did you want to be?

KW: “I wanted to be a firefighter. And now I want to marry one. Funny how that works.”

8. What is Will Smith’s best role?

KW: “Fresh Prince. This needs no explanation.”

9. Who is your celebrity crush?

KW: “Blake Lively. Dayum gurl.” (Agreed)

10. Why did you pick augie?

KW: “I actually cried for weeks after finding out I’d be attending Augie. I thought my life was over. Now I laugh at how ridiculous that was. I go to the best school ever.”



Thank you my amiga. More students to come. GO Vikings. Also if you have free time watch every season of Archer.


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  1. Never heard of Ellerwomen before. Thanks for that.

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