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When You’re a Kid You Want To Grow Taller Than Trees

Here is a toast to childhood and the kids who dream too much. When I was a student at Mountain View elementary school in Parker, Colorado we were given the obligatory assignment every kid gets  at some point “what do you want to be when you grow up”.  I figured out right then and there what I was going to do with my life in the 3rd grade. My classmates chose many honorable and fantastic goals all ranging from teacher, doctor, professional athlete, soldier, and president. Mine was to be a Bounty Hunter by night and a Comedian by day while also somehow building a clone army. I should have been locked away right then and there. My best friend Ben Close and I had this plan to travel the country rounding up criminals like a blend of Tango & Cash with a little Boba Fett and Cowboy Bebop mixed in. I remembered this the other day because I finally found my buddy on the Facebooking machine. He called me up and we caught up quite a bit and talked about all the weird shenanigans we used to do. We used to try and explore the storm drains around my neighborhood and go as far as we could in the dark before fear gripped us like a cold chill. Our plan was to meet up when we were 23 years old and abandon our lives and travel everywhere we could. Obviously we grew up and began a different kind of sojourn. I was glad to hear he was getting married soon and is expecting a child, I wish him nothing but happiness in that aspect. Although I no longer wish to be Boba Fett there is a burning desire in my belly to travel as an American Gypsy and gather as much first hand information as I can. Hopefully I’ll cross paths with him in Dallas along the way.

Keep flying my friends.


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