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Turtle Internship; 12 nests!

We are up to 12 nests! We had 3 turtles nest last night, 7/9/12, and one of them was missing a flipper. We had to help her dig her hole so she could lay her eggs. We are not sure what caused her to lose her flipper, weather it be due to a shark or a human, but we hope she lives long.
Only 5 eggs have been taken from the nests due to predators.
I have also started doing what they call a Discovery Table where I sit at the bath house on the beach with a lot of turtle supplies-pictures, stuffed turtles, shells, diagrams and more-and I tell people about the turtles. I also do a session where I demonstrate how to tag turtles so they know what us interns are up to!
It has been an amazing summer so far and I have seen and learned so much. The state park just purchased a few kayaks and I am allowed to use them when they are available, so I will be exploring more of the area soon!





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