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Best “First year” Res Hall

Chris and I have different opinions on which residence hall is the best for first-years (aka freshmen). We both truly believe that the ones we each lived in are the best and hopefully, if you’re reading this, you’ll find this useful.


 OK so as a first year I was “graciously” placed in Andreen residence hall. What I found was a sometimes frustratingly inconvenient place to live. Small and somewhat poorly designed rooms, tiny bathrooms, no A/C and a new person who I only talked to once prior. Besides the rough exterior and close quarters, I found that Andreen was a fantastic place to spend my first year of college. I met some awesome first year students (which make up most of Andreen) and eventually adjusted to college life. Andreen is also right next to classes so you can pretty much roll out of bed and into class to sleep more (or pay attention if you want).  Andreen’s lack of amenities are a blessing in disguise because there’s no reason to stay in your room all day.  So, my advice to anyone reading this would be to just get the heck out of your room and explore. There is nothing good about Andreen’s rooms so go and meet people and experience the rest of campus. Pick Andreen if you don’t care about the size or style of the room; make the best of the situation you’re in and enjoy your time outside of your room.



So yeahhh about this thing on where to live  as a Freshmen or as Augustana  calls you “first-years” do not fret it is only the most important decision that you will make in your lifetime. Just joking! But really this will make or break for college life. So Alex says it is all about the dorm called Andreen. Well I am going to tell you that he is a little off. If you wanna live in a quiet building with old cramped rooms, go ahead and live there and rep that lower campus swag. But for those  freshmen that want to meet some of the sophomore class and hangout with a variety of people that are in a various amounts of sports and clubs well then Westerlin is your place.   Yes I know the cafeteria is good and gone but I can totally live with that. We do have the C store which will make and break your Augie bucks but between you and me that is totally worth it.  The rooms within Westerlin are  great they are more spacious then the rooms over in Andreen as well as the community of the floor that you will be living on are filled with future friends down the road. You will also be able to meet the majority of the frats and sororities within the dorm as well. Westerlin is the hot spot for connecting not just to kids in your own class but also with the upperclassmen as well.  Well just got yelled at by the boss so i got to peace. But remember if you wanna live in the freshmen dorm it is Westerlin for the win!


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