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Another school year ended. I kept telling myself that it would last forever like I do every year and again I was wrong. When this school year ended I felt the same way when Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson broke up. I was depleted, shattered, and no longer a  98 Degrees fan.

Look into his eyes and tell me you wouldn't trust everything he says

Look into his eyes and tell me you wouldn’t trust everything he says.

I convinced myself that all of the seniors would still be here to nurture me and make sure I could make a big boy potty. When it all ended I was forced to reminisce on my sophomore year and how bananas it has been. I would love to express it in a song, a poem, or even a statue of Paula Dean made out of frozen bacon grease and butter, but I am no artist. I’m thankful for everyone who has made the soul sojourn of my soft-more year one so fantastic that it would make Mike Ditka trade mustaches with Joel Quenneville and see if their wives would notice. I’ll miss all of you Charlie Sheeniors.


Keep and touch and call sometime

Keep in touch and call sometime


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