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The best weekend ever pt. 2 (Why I should have joined Martini Swingers sooner)

DSC09724Friday night my friend Sarah and I drove to a concert in Hoffman Estates to see You Me at Six, Mayday Parade, Pierce the Veil and All Time Low (Make sure to check out the YouTube videos that are linked!). It was an incredible concert and I had the best time ever! There’s just something about hearing a band live that really is an experience you will never forget.

Then on Saturday morning I took a trailways bus back to school because my roommates I were packing up our house. You don’t realize how much stuff you accumulate until you have to pack it all up. I also saw my big from Sigma Alpha Iota, whom I haven’t seen in two years, so that was super exciting! Then at night we went to watch one of my roommates in her senior recital. She plays violin and it was so nice hearing her play! Despite the fact I’m in Sigma Alpha Iota, I don’t really attend many recitals, so it was nice hearing all the seniors I know play their instrument or sing. We have some super talented performers!

934605_10200337296248255_2002411618_nSunday was the Marini Swingers Spring Showcase! This was my favorite part of my weekend. I had never done Martini Swingers until this term. Winter term, one of the members told me how much fun it was and said they were doing a dance to the cell block tango from the musical Chicago – I was sold.

321345_10152812619170113_1030508912_nFor about eight or so weeks, I’ve learned the tango. I was in two dances for the spring showcase: the regular tango and the cell block tango. I’ve never learned tango before, so I was pretty excited (and nervous). Honestly, I wish I had joined Martini Swingers my freshman year instead of the spring term of my senior year. Who knew I actually enjoyed dancing? It was so much fun and I met a lot of awesome people!

62590_10152812619365113_2025388352_nThe show on Sunday went really well. I messed up a little bit in the normal tango but apparently no one could tell. Although there isn’t any footage of my dances on YouTube yet, here is a link of the cell block tango from one of our rehearsals.

And here is a link to my favorite dance from the show, the waltz! I can’t help but squeal because this is just so adorable. It’s like watching a surprised kitten. There really is a YouTube video for everything.

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