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20 days remain

Only 20 days until graduation!  I cannot believe my time at Augustana is coming to a close.  I am filled with mixed emotions.  Ever since senior year began I could not wait to receive my diploma.  I am still excited, but now the sadness has crept in.  A few months ago, I thought, “Oh, I have plenty of time to spend with my friends.”  Now there are only 20 days to celebrate and have fun with the people who mean the most to me.   Thinking back to freshman year, I really have grown so much.  Freshman year was one of the best years at Augustana.  That was the year I made most of my friends, learned how to become independent, and tried new things, like joining clubs.

My roommate and I in our room in Andreen Hall--freshman year

My roommate and I in our room in Andreen Hall–freshman year

There are so many memories I will never forget: Snow days, dinners in the College Center, late night runs to the C-Store, walking over to my friend’s house, the campus in the fall…the list goes on and on.

Sledding during our snow day--sophomore year

Sledding during our snow day–sophomore year

These last few weeks will be filled with endless laughter, plenty of tears, and the best friends a girl could ask for 🙂

Here’s to making the most of every moment.

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