A window inside life at Augustana College

Sometimes, professors make me very happy…

Only sometimes? Yes, only sometimes. I confess that I probably spend too much time compaining about how much homework they’re giving me (and when I’m given a week and a half to research and write a ten-page paper at the end of term when I have ten thousand other things going on as well, I feel that it’s justified), but hey, so does everyone on this campus.

But sometimes, there are days and moments when I’m very happy that we have the professors we do at Augie.

Last Friday, for example. I was feeling frustrated about something related to a class I’m taking (and that is all the detail I’m giving, as this is a public blog). One fifteen-minute conversation with the professor solved my problem. Turns out that the professor and I were both equally glad we’d talked. That conversation made me respect and like the professor so much more than I did before.

Moral of the story: Don’t be afraid to talk to your professors! They’re human beings too, and they appreciate it when students take the trouble to talk to them outside class! You’ll get to know them better, they’ll get to know you better, and it never hurts to possibly score a reference for grad school/job applications (though that shouldn’t be your primary motive for conversation).

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