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Poetry and Paschen

This past Friday I had the opportunity along with my classmates to go to a poetry day at Rivermont Collegiate in Bettendorf, Iowa. The school goes from Pre-Kindergarten to 12th grade. Important for the readers out there to know is the architecture in that school was incredible. It was like walking into the house from There Will Be Blood  minus an angry Daniel Day-Lewis.


We each led sessions on different aspects of poetry and all had some pretty awesome stories to tell. Some of the kids were insanely talented! I believe one them will be Steve Jobs at some point in his life. He’ll find a way to make billions off of poetry. I live in an idealistic world folks. Blame it on all the cartoons I watch.


For the session I did I had the great pleasure of working with “SotaMan” Sam Calcagno. We decided to borrow the Epic Rap Battles of History format to help teach the kidses about persona poems and lyricism. Me and Sam rap battled each other like two housewives fighting over a date with Channing Tatum. We showed the kids an example before we let them run wild, Sam was Tom Brady and I was Mickey Mouse. We both got hella served. We ran a few sessions and got to hear some amazing poems and hilarious imagery. Students became more and more creative as the day went on deciding to experiment with different ideas. The children were such characters as Justin Bieber, Anne Frank, Tom Cruise, The Sun, and even Chex Mix. The Chex Mix girls challenged us to a rap battle and it got pretty heated. Me and Sam battled the Chex Mix girls as Cool Ranch Doritos Locos Tacos. Those girls killed it when they told us we are the only thing keeping Honey Boo Boo alive.

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We also got to listen to Poet Elise Paschen which was pretty tubular friends. Her name is perfect for being a poet too, it’s like being an action star named Chet Wonderkill.


On that note I leave you with advice from one of my idols and former teachers at Columbine Mr. Tom Tonelli, “Just remember when you’re driving, you are carrying precious cargo: yourselves”.

coach tonelli


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