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Bald Facts

Now that I’ve spent nearly two weeks without very much hair for the first time in my life (if you’re asking why, you must have missed my last post), I’ve learned that life is different in many ways I wasn’t expecting. So, for your entertainment, here are some bald facts:

1) People don’t stare nearly as much as I expected them to

This was actually one of my biggest concerns before doing St. Baldrick’s. But practically no one has stared at my head. On campus, most people know why I’m bald. There are actually so many hairless people wandering around that the novelty has worn off. Still, my parents came up to visit the weekend after St. Baldrick’s and took me out to lunch, and I was more worried about that. No one at the restaurant stared either. The waiter did call me “Sir,” but oh well.

2) My hair does a lot (much more than I knew) to keep me warm

If the weather last week had been like it was today, sunny and in the 60s, I wouldn’t have had this problem. But no, Murphy’s Law says that of course it must be cold and rainy when I have very little hair. I kept my hat close to me last week, and sometimes, when there was a wind, I had to keep my hood up as well just to keep my head warm. Makes me pity those partially-shaved poodles. They must get awfully cold without their fur!

3) The skin on my scalp is pretty sensitive

So sensitive, in fact, that I kept feeling the tiniest air currents above my head before my hair grew back a little. When you move your hands and legs through the air, you don’t really feel the displacement you’re creating (I guess you’re used to it). But my scalp manages to feel every little movement in the air. And running–running is so strange. It’s like there’s cool water cascading over it every time I move faster than a walk.

4) Everyone wants to stroke my head

I don’t know how many times I’ve jumped in the last two weeks when I suddenly feel something moving on my head, only to realize that it’s somebody’s hand. Everyone wants to feel the spiky stubble covering my scalp. I don’t really mid whether people ask permission, I just like to be warned so that I don’t think that a beetle is crawling across my head.


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  1. The bald life is a good life.

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