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Oh the places you will go with Augie, abroad…

College has been filled with many decisions to be made. Before coming into college, I already knew that I wanted to study abroad, the question was, where?

Augustana does a great job at providing international programs that will fit most students’ interests. There are programs for specific majors, research oriented, or internship based. Some programs are longer than others which makes it easy for students to find a program that will work with their school schedule. Some places where Augie students have studied abroad include Ecuador, Germany, Nicaragua, Italy, Australia, Spain, France, Ghana, and Jamaica.

Not only is it easy to find a program that fits everyone, but all students who have complete a certain number of credits qualify for Augie Choice which is $2000 that can be used towards studying abroad.

I am very excited for next year because I will be studying in Seville, Spain from January-May. The program that I will be completing is somewhat different from the rest. It technically isn’t recognized as an Augustana program, but Augustana accepts the credits completed during the program. I will be completing 18 academic credits including a possible internship during this time, which means that I will be finishing my Spanish major while in Spain!


Seville Spain

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