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Visit to Washington, D.C. and New York

photo (10)I’m finally getting around to my blog post about my visit to Washington, D.C. and New York. Let’s just say it was amazing! On my trip I visited Georgetown University and American University in Washington, D.C. and Columbia University in New York, which are the three graduate schools I got into for journalism. I’d never been to New York before, so that was an experience in itself.

DSC09481The first day I was there I went to Capitol Hill to have lunch. Then I went and took some pictures in front of the Capitol and then walked all the way to the White House. Despite the fact I’ve been to D.C. a few times before, taking pictures in front of these buildings never gets old. Then I went to visit Georgetown University and sit in on a class. It was really cool because there was a guest speaker – Asra Nomani – and it was very interactive. The campus for this program is in Virginia, but it’s right next to the red line, which is nice.

544948_1960773176198_2013467579_nThe next day I went to the Newseum with prospective students from American University. I’d been to this museum once before, but it never gets old. It’s a museum about the news. My favorite part is this section with newspaper front pages from important historical events. I also bought the mug “Trust me…I’m a reporter,” which I saw two years ago when I interned in D.C. Back then I wasn’t really into journalism. Funny how the times have changed. I also went to see the reflecting pool (which if finally back!), a bunch of monuments, and saw the two trees with cherry blossoms on them. Sadly the cherry blossoms were not fully in bloom.

The next day was American University’s admitted students day. It was really fun because another student from Augustana College was there, so we were able to experience it together. American University’s campus is gorgeous! There buildings are so pretty and the neighborhood is wonderful. I also got to meet with an old friend who used to go to Augustana and tour around town for a little bit.

534877_1961840082870_1156557173_nAnd then, it was off to New York! I took the WashingtonDeluxe bus there and it was pretty nice. There was wifi, comfy seats, and the ride was only four hours or so. I arrived at New York around 1pm, so I walked to my hotel and then went to Times Square. Times Square is pretty magnificent and super crowded. But it was so nice to finally see a place that I had seen on TV countless times, in person.


That same day I went and saw the Broadway musical Chicago! I’d never seen Chicago before but I absolutely loved it! The nice thing about Chicago was the fact that I was able to get rush tickets (basically tickets the day of the performance), which weren’t too expensive. After the performance I attempted to see the 9/11 memorial but there were subway police issues, so I ended up spending $8 to not see the 9/11 memorial…but at least I tried.

558972_1962552180672_2136032990_nOn my final day I went to visit Columbia University. They have such an incredible program and have amazing equipment. I had a lovely tour of the journalism program and a tour of their campus. Their campus is absolutely breathtaking. Their campus is the stereotypical undergrad campus. The picture I have here is of Avery building, which is where Ted Mosby from How I Met Your Mother “works.” So that was pretty cool. A lot of the buildings on campus exemplify that movie perfect image. They have an underground gym, a gorgeous library, and an impeccable quad. My favorite part was definitely the strong wifi that was everywhere on campus. It was a gorgeous day and I ended up sitting outside for a lot of it, since they don’t really let visitors inside the buildings since they don’t have an id.

I had a fantastic time visiting all my potential grad schools. Later this week look for a blog about where I decided to go to graduate school and what my plans are for this summer!

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