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Sometimes, Things Just Work Out For the Best

Spring term is busy. That is a fact. It doesn’t matter whether you’re taking three classes or four, if you’re involved in two clubs or ten, spring term is just busy. My senior friends tell me that they have all kinds of banquets to attend leading up to graduation. And, presumably, there’s the job search and/or grad school decisions.

But even for the regular college student, there’s quite a lot to be done. And though all of it is fun, it’s still a little daunting to look at my schedule and see all the things I have to do this week.

1) Alpha Psi Omega pledging

10 pm to midnight, Monday through Thursday, family bonding on Friday and culmination Saturday night. Though I loved pledging last year, we did it in two weeks, which meant that all of us had more time to sleep. This should be interesting…

2) Quidditch team fundraiser

The Quidditch team does a yearly fundraiser where we deliver PB&J sandwiches around campus while riding on broomsticks. It’s good publicity, and we made a good amount of money last year, so hopefully we’ll do the same this year!

3) Siblings weekend

I have no siblings, so normally this wouldn’t make much difference to me. However, this year’s siblings weekend is Harry Potter-themed, so the Quidditch team is organizing some activities for visiting kids. That will be Saturday afternoon. Saturday’s shaping up to be quite the day…

4) St. Baldrick’s

Next week’s post will be about St. Baldrick’s so I won’t give too much away here. But the Roundels are organizing an event to raise money for St. Baldrick’s, an organization that supports cancer research. I and a couple of my friends signed up to raise money and get our heads shaved to show support for cancer victims. The event will be this Thursday, right before pledging.

And all this, of course, is not counting regular homework and work and Quidditch practice.

However, things sometimes have a way of just working out. Symposium Day is tomorrow, which means all classes are canceled. I will still be attending the keynote speech and at least one session, but in general, Symposium Day gives me a little bit more time to do homework and things than I usually have. Also, we’re doing writing workshops this week in my 8:30 am Fiction-Writing course. Since my group did ours today, I don’t have to go to class the rest of this week. More sleep! Hurray!

Though this week is probably going to be a little crazy, I’m glad that my regular workload is a little less. But still, I’d better get back to that take-home midterm I have to turn in tomorrow. See you next week (when I’ll be bald)!

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