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Sigma Alpha Iota’s Province Day

photo (6)The Delta Tau chapter of Sigma Alpha Iota spent at least ten hours together two weekends ago. And let me tell you, it was fantastic! First on Friday we had a sisterhood retreat. We made some crafts, sang some songs, and did “warm fuzzies.” Warm fuzzies are definitely my favorite part of the sisterhood retreats! They are basically a piece of paper with your name at the top, that gets passed around to the whole chapter. The chapter then writes nice comments or things about you that they like. I’ve included a picture of some of the warm fuzzies I get. My favorite is definitely “If you were president I would not move to Canada.” It was so nice spending so much time with my sisters.

Sigma Alpha Iota Delta TauThen on Saturday we hosted Province Day. Province Day is where other Sigma Alpha Iota chapters from the area come together for a day. We sang some songs, listened to some music, could purchase crafts from other chapters (I bought a super cute ring!), listened to a speaker, and ate some food. This day really exemplified why I joined Sigma Alpha Iota in the first place. It’s a fantastic group of ladies who all share one thing in common: music. I’m really going to miss this organization after I graduate – but no matter where I end up for grad school, I am definitely joining an alumnae chapter!

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    I had an outburst about the group pic AND the warm fuzzies.
    LOVE & ROSES <3

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