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Writing Fellows

Wow, it’s week 4 and I’ve only posted once this term? I’m slacking, aren’t I? The reason I’ve been so terribly busy this past week is because of a program that’s very beneficial for LSFY students, but makes life a little more interesting for tutors at the Reading/Writing Center, where I work.

This program is called Writing Fellows.

Each term, a certain number of LSFY (first-year required gen ed class) courses are assigned Writing Fellows. Two tutors from the Reading/Writing Center work with the class through the term. Students turn in their first drafts to their professors, and instead of a workshop, or written feedback from the professor, the Writing Fellow comments on the papers instead. This happens twice (ie on two different assignements) during the term.

Most professors like it, and the students usually do as well, though, of course, you get the occasional few who just don’t show up to their appointments.

But for the tutors, it can be a little tiring. I spent this past weekend playing English teacher, and maybe it was becuse this is my first time doing Writing Fellows, but it was difficult. I only had twelve papers to read, but man, was I exhausted by the end of the weekend.

It’s been great talking with the students that I’ve met so far. I have four (possibly five) more appointments spread between today and tomorrow. Their papers are all quite interesting as well. However, if I’ve learned something from this whole process, it’s that I don’t know if I could ever be an English teacher. Reading sixty papers in a week, like my high school teachers have to do, might just be beyond me…

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