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Research conference at the University of Oklahoma

Sorry for taking so long to blog about my conference! It’s been hectic ever since I got back. First of all, more exciting news – I got accepted at Columbia University’s grad school! While I’m super excited to be accepted there, it’s going to make my choice a lot harder. But my parents are wonderful and are letting me visit all the schools I was accepted into. So the weekend after Easter I’m traveling to D.C. and New York! I feel like this is definitely necessary – because if I never visited Augustana, I wouldn’t be going here now.

So the communication conference at the University of Oklahoma (OU) was so much fun. Finally saw my first oil rig! The day I got there, I got to meet someone who is going to be the new MJMC professor at Augustana. It was super nice – he took me on a tour of the campus, showed me their downtown eating area, and the weather that day was gorgeous. (I was definitely excited to get off the plane to find out that I did not need a coat.) It was really nice getting to know the professor who will be joining the department next year – they will be in good hands next year.

I can tell you for a fact the campus at OU is huge! Their journalism building is super incredible. They have a billion macs and outstanding video equipment. They have a daily newspaper which was pretty impressive. I can’t even imagine laying out a paper every single day! My favorite part of their campus is definitely the London phone booths. One of them had shelves in it and was used as a book lending space. I thought that was the most awesome thing ever.

The second day I was there was just registration and getting to know the other people in this conference. In the morning I got the chance to meet an old friend from high school who was on the tennis team with me. She’s currently a grad student at OU for meteorology so she took me on the tour of the National Weather Center. 

It’s really awesome because the National Weather Center is located on the OU campus! It’s super flat in Oklahoma, so that’s where all the meteorologists come to watch storms. They got some tornados there which I feel would be pretty scary. We got to go to the top of the National Weather Center – you can see for miles! It was a fantastic view.

I also got to see their storm chasing vehicles and all their radars and stuff. This was definitely a memorable part of my trip!

The next day was my conference. It was a very memorable experience…because the fire alarms went off twice while the conference was going on! Luckily they didn’t go off when I was presenting. This was a communications conference for undergraduate and graduate work and it was really cool because most people there thought I was a graduate student. And everyone was from a large university, so I felt honored to be representing Augustana. I met some very nice people who went to went to the University of South Dakota. It was very fun listening to other presentations since they all came from what I would consider the south, so they all had slight accents.

I was very glad with how my presentation went. I wasn’t 100% thrilled with how my senior inquiry presentation went last term, so I was happy that I had a second chance to get it right for myself. The conference had responders who read the papers and gave feedback and my responder had a lot of positive things to say. He said I had a good method of analysis for my topic and should include a few more sources to back my analysis. It was fantastic since all of the people I met love the field of communication as much as I do. I promise I will try to blog another time next week!

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  1. I’m so glad you had a great time! Kudos on the Columbia admit, too. 🙂

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