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Three Fs

No, those aren’t my grades from last term…

Since not very much of significance has happened (since it’s only week 1), why don’t I tell you about my spring break? The best way to describe it? Three Fs.

1) Food

Generally, the food at Augie is okay. And apparently, it’s getting an overhaul next year, what with the new Center for Student Life and all. So, I’m not really going to complain. However, when I can start predicting what the cafeteria is going to serve depending on what day of the week it is, I know it’s time for some home-cooked food. And since I’m Indian, I start craving flavors that are not pasta, meatloaf and nachos.

So when I went home, I rejoiced at eating dal, rice, rasam and rotis (you can look those up on Wikipedia if you want to know what they are). I enjoyed eating vegetables cooked so that they’re flavorful (not mushy or undercooked), smelling garlic and cumin frying, hearing mustard seeds spluttering in hot oil.

Then I started to realize that I’ve always been happy to let my mom or dad make Indian food for me. I can whip up a pasta, and make couscous, but I’m actually going to have a kitchen next year in a TLA! I can make Indian food for myself! So I learned a couple of simple recipes from my parents, and I plan to learn a few more over the summer.

One thing I can do in the kitchen is bake. I love to bake from scratch, none of those cake mixes full of preservatives and who-knows-what. So, over break, I made a batch of walnut cookies (pretty delicious, if I say so myself), and an apple cake (which turned out flat, but still tasted pretty good).

Now that I’m back  at school, I’m okay with the cafeteria food. Talk to me about that week 10, and we’ll see what I say, but for now, I’ve had enough Indian food to last me for a little while.

2) Family

One of the things I love about breaks is that I get to see my parents. Yes, I’m one of those teenagers that actually likes their parents. But aside from going out to lunch with my mom, and watching lots of NBA with my dad, and just spending time as a family, we also visited some other family members.

One of my cousins’ cousins had had twin boys a few weeks before break. My parents and I went to visit and meet our newest little relatives, who are adorable. I have a soft spot for babies, so two of them just meant double the fun!

We also had dinner with another of my cousins’ cousins. I always enjoy seeing her, because she and her boyfriend are both really interesting people. We talked about everything under the sun–from race to accents to sports–and had a wonderful time.

3) Friends

I also visited my high school and met some of my old teachers. They were happy to see me, and hear about life here at Augie and my plans for the future. One of them had a baby a few months ago, so I got to see pictures. The more babies the better, I say!

You know, I usually enjoy the fact that I have more (if not longer) breaks than most of my friends because I go to a school that’s on trimesters. The one time I don’t is spring break every year. My high school takes two shows (Group Interpretation and Contest Play) to Sectionals and (if we qualify) the State competition every year, and Sectionals are always two weeks after I get back from break–or, smack in the middle of everybody else’s spring break. But I made the best of things and went to a rehearsal instead. It’s nice to be treated as a bit of a celebrity just because I’m in college. However, the fact that there were a lot of people in the theatre program that I didn’t know (new freshmen and sophomores who joined after I graduated) made me feel quite old. Still, the friends I still have told me all about their college plans, and were happy to hear about life in the world of university.


So, even though I didn’t do anything terrible exciting over spring break–I didn’t travel to new countries (that’s next year, with studying abroad), save lives or have epiphanies–I spent it the best way I knew how. It’s the small things that matter in life–good food and good company.

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