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I’m a survivor

Destiny’s Child once said: “I’m a survivor/I’m not gon give up.” That was my motto for winter term and let me tell you – I’m a survivor. Somehow I managed to complete 86+ pages for my political science and communication studies senior inquiry papers. This was on top of another 20ish pages for another class. And three on-campus jobs. And multiple clubs. And grad school apps. I honestly have no idea how I made it, yet somehow I did. (I guess I can really judge the success of this term after I get my grades…)

Had you told me four years ago that I would be able to write 86 pages in 10+ weeks, I would have thought you were nuts. Like certifiably nuts. This was honestly the most taxing term I have ever had. We had to make a reflection for my communication studies major and I feel like you can tell how nuts this term was. If you want to watch that, you can view that here. But now I have two majors done! Only one more major and one more term to go…

Next term I am taking News Literacy, Converged Practicum, Poetry, and a beginning painting independent study. Plus an oboe lesson and band. It’s going to be a great term. Plus next term is always my favorite because it’s my birthday! Oh exciting news – my communication studies senior inquiry got accepted into the Sooner Communication Conference at the University of Oklahoma. So I get to spend the first weekend back at school in Oklahoma. I am pretty excited for that since I get a chance to share what I’ve worked on over the course of two terms.

So officially on spring break now. I’m pretty excited because I bought myself an iPad mini as an early birthday/graduation/surviving winter term gift. I always told myself I’d never buy a tablet. Oops. And I get to go to Florida for the second week of break! I can’t wait.

Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day! <3

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