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10 Things Making Week 10 Gooderer? Yeah that’s a word.

1. This guy and his face. I believe he goes by Connor Cummings, or Nalthar the Destroyer. I’m thankful his gang of mercenaries protect me when I have to pick up eggs from the store, or when I go venture to see my friends in the “forbidden zone”. Got nothin’ but love for my crew and stuff man.

2. Aliens exist. They like watching the X-Files because David Duchovny is actually an alien.

3. This girl exists on the same planet as me. Holla.

4. I have good friends and team mates. The kind that will help you catch that Rumpelstiltskin guy. He always tries to make off with your baby! Knifebaby can’t be taken though. He’s protected by Connor Cummings & the funky bunch, and Liam Neeson.

5. Clowns are scary and give me nightmares, which makes me ready for anything! It reminds me of the days when I was a young lad and fearful of everything. I used to wet the bed as a child and one day some good friends decided to help cure me of  this. They told me if I peed the bed again Freddy Krueger would kill me. I wish I knew I could call the Ghostbusters at this point in my life. Their devious plan didn’t work but at least I went home crying at 4 in the morning as a three year old! That made me tougher and I went back to play with them everyday. These are the same folks who introduced me to Mortal Kombat.

6. Wrestling and being involved in plays.It helps to blow off steam when all you do is homework. Living by this code of ethics everyday of my life has paid dividends this week.

7. The Dark Knight trilogy, Lord Of The Rings, Star Wars, Star Trek, Mortal Kombat, Hardball, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, and Say Anything.

8. The wonderful people back home and good old Columbine high school. Once a Rebel always a Rebel.

9. That I get to wake up everyday and create mass chaos (pronounced like the Ch in chair). Then I get to call my parents and tell them that I’m slowly turning into an infant like Benjamin Button. Except when I turn into an infant i’ll look more like Danny Devito’s head attached to a Popsicle stick. I also appreciate Kyle Frake and Sean Mcintyre teaching me how to read this week. I’ve been pretending I know how my whole life to impress girls. I now understand why Sam doesn’t want those green eggs and ham.

*How I Used To Handle The Dollar Menu at Mcdonalds



10. I don’t have to yell at the toilets in my dorm to stop talking to me. Sometimes all they really want is a friend to listen to them.

I can sell girl scout cookies door to door on 1J and 1I.

And everyday I end up saying . . .


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