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Say yes to the dress (February: writings of love in weekly installments)

After a fairly long lull in activity, Leslie is back and with commitment! Since I’ve been inactive for a while, I figure it would be a good idea to make a weekly post concerning love, good, bad, or nonsensical.

This week, I’ll start with a thought:
Love is like someone with amateur sewing abilities finding the almost-perfect dress:
Sure, maybe you found dresses you thought were the right one, but maybe you got it during a bad phase in high school, or you added a zipper in a place you didn’t end up liking, or you just packed on a couple pounds and it doesn’t fit anymore.

You shouldn’t have to change yourself to fit into something you’ve outgrown.

The right dress has the right shape, the material is the right color and texture, and is flattering regardless of how awful you actually look. If anything, all that would make it better is to add a broach, ribbon, or other adornments here and there.
You shouldn’t have to take it in at the bust or dye the fabric because it may end up looking worse than before. If you find anything wrong with it when you find it, then chances are it will take a lot more than your effort to fix it.

You can’t make a dress the right one if the fabric isn’t to your liking.

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