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The Vagina Monologues

Yes, you read the title of this post right–The Vagina Monologues. What on earth are they, you might be wondering… Well, here I am to enlighten you.

A woman named Eve Ensler interviewed a lot of other women about their feelings about their, well… vaginas. And then wrote a series of monologues about, well… vaginas. And we’re putting on that series of monologues here at Augie. Yes, a series of monologues about, well… vaginas. There, I’ve said the word four times already (five if you count the title). Are you uncomfortable yet?

See, that’s the problem. A lot of women (and men) are uncomfortable saying it or even thinking about it. And that’s why we are here to change that. Augustana College puts on The Vagina Monologues every year at the end of winter term to raise awareness about women’s issues. Some of the monologues are sad, some are really funny, some are painful (one of them–I won’t say which–will make you wince in sympathy, I guarantee it) and some are a little weird. But the show itself is in general a good time. All proceeds go to a local women’s shelter, so that’s one more reason for you to come and see the show.

I don’t do a lot of advertising in my posts, but I feel like this is a worthy cause. You really should see the show! We’re performing Thursday and Saturday of week 10. Tickets (as well as t-shirts and other fun merchandise) will be on sale in the College Center during lunch hours all of weeks 9 and 10.

I mean, who wouldn’t want to see a bunch of strong, proud women talking about… well, vaginas?

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