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President Obama’s inauguration

President Obama’s inauguration happend last week and it’s taken me this long to get around to blogging about it – that’s how busy I am at the moment. With three weeks left and two senior inquiry papers and presentations hanging over my head, Tommy Tredway and I have had a date every single night these past few days (Augustana’s library is named the Thomas Tredway library).

However, Augustana College Democrats hosted a viewing of the inauguration during the day (yay for no classes for me on Mondays!), so I got to relax and watch the president get sworn in. It was pretty nice because the media showed up to our event and I got to be on TV again. Pretty sure that’s the third or fourth time this school year. You can watch the video I was interviewed in here – my roommate Rachael was also interviewed! I’ve realized that I really hate watching myself on TV because my mouth moves weirdly. I was also quoted in the Quad City Times, which luckily does not involve people seeing what I look like.

Oh, super exciting news! I get to present one of my senior inquiry papers at a communications conference at the University of Oklahoma. I presented at a conference in Minnesota my sophomore year and I’ve definitely become a better public speaker since then, so I am totally excited. Now I just have to finish the paper to make it conference ready… As well, I have officially finished all of my grad school apps (minus the scholarship forms), so that’s awesome. The next three months are definitely going to be fascinating as I figure out where exactly my future is headed. Wish me luck!

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