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Registered for my last term ever

And with the click of a button, I registered for my last term at Augustana. It was an interesting moment. As per usual Arches, formally known as WebAdvisor, wasn’t working at the time I was supposed to register. Once they finally fixed that, I signed up for classes. It feels weird knowing there are all these classes here at Augustana that I didn’t get a chance to take. However, I finally got to take a creative writing class on poetry, which I am super excited about! I’m basically taking a class for my MJMC major that I should have taken as an underclassman, a converged media practicum for MJMC, my poetry class, band, and an oboe lesson. And somehow I ended up only classes on Tuesday-Thursday, and potentially an oboe lesson on Monday. And I worried that my schedule senior year would be nuts because I have three majors…

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  1. I’m glad to hear you have a poetry class. That’s a great idea for any time — but maybe especially spring term of your senior year. Aim high!

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