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Christmas in January? Why not?

No posts since November? I’ve been slacking! In my defense, though, four classes, two papers and lots and lots of reading did help…

But anyway, I’m back, and though this might not be very topical at the moment, I’d like to write about Christmas time at Augustana.

The first five weeks of winter term are always terrible and wonderful at the same time. I once heard that some professors look at winter term like two five-week terms and this term, I learned what that meant. With all the Christmas festivities, Christmas activities with clubs and at jobs, and four classes on top of all that with tons of work (most people actually do take four classes during winter term), you might have an idea why.

The Quidditch team has an annual Yule Ball, where we get dressed up all fancy (we see each other most often in sweatpants and t-shirts), eat, drink and make merry. Oh, and we have a White Elephant.

Alpha Psi Omega has a White Elephant too…

And trust me, you’ll eat so many gingerbread cookies before break that you’ll be quite sick of them before Christmas is anywhere near.

But what I love most about Christmas time at Augustana is the decorations. After public high school, it’s so nice to be able to say “Christmas break” instead of “winter break.” I mean, who randomly gets a break in the middle of winter? We all know it’s for Christmas. I understand that schools want to (and have to) be politically correct about including all faiths. But I’m not Christian, and I still enjoy Christmas. I’m Hindu. I don’t technically celebrate Christmas or Hanukkah or Kwanzaa, but I still enjoy seeing the lights and Christmas decorations that people put up. In fact, my parents and I put up and decorate a Christmas tree every year. We don’t go all out–our tree is plastic, and we don’t really have tons of ornaments, but we like getting involved with the general spirit.

The decorations at Augie, though, are definitely better than ours. There are trees in almost all the buildings, each decorated differently. The one in the Westerlin cafeteria is red and gold. The one by the Westie front desk has multicolored lights strung all over it. And somewhere (I don’t remember where; see, this is why I should actually blog regularly) there’s a tree that’s Augie colors–blue and gold.

The cafeteria workers start wearing Christmas sweaters, and the entire campus is just happy (and stressed and running on caffeine come weeks 4 and 5 with the Christmas concert along with everything else).

That’s why coming back after break is always a little difficult. There’s the end-of-holiday-season blues, along with the realization that we’re in for five more weeks of actual work after three weeks off. And there are no decorations to help us get through it (there’s still caffeine, though). But writing this post definitely conjured up a little Christmas cheer for me.

So, merry Christmas in January!

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