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Friends…or almost family?

Today,  a few of my best friends from Augie (one of them has a blog– check her out! (Katie Kampwirth))and I were talking about how excited we were to see each other, because we didn’t get the chance to get together over break. One of them mentioned how we feel like her “Augie family,” and that got me thinking: these could be those friendships adults talk about…. those college friends they still are close with over the years. I may have only been here for about half a year now, but I must say, I have built some fantastic relationships. There’s tons of interesting people at Augie, and I like how different everyone is. I have some friends who act a lot like me, and others that are not so similar, but add something totally different to my life.

My senior year of high school, I remember being excited for some of those “lifetime friendships.” Lucky for me, I have a few friends like that from back home– girls I’ve been friends with since Kindergarten or before. It’s really exciting though to start some new relationships, and to realize that some of these girls could end up being my lifelong best friends or my future bridesmaids… who knows?

Friendships seem somewhat different to me in college. They’re still based on the same things: trust, love, kindness, etc. But there’s a difference: instead of seeing your friend just during class or once in a while, you can see them whenever you want! I seem to be constantly surrounded by friends, which is great! I know that whether I’m having a rough day or need to tell someone about some great news, I have friends just a few minutes walking distance away, and that is such a blessing.

Cherish these awesome college friendships, because these people are what make Augie your home away from home. It’s almost like they’re your Augie family! (;

A group of friends and I went to see a movie for Caitlin’s birthday. (:


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  1. Yay! I’m glad I gave you something to blog about (: See you tomorrow!!

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