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Orange Bowl

Besides cheering on Augie, I am a huge Northern Illinois University fan! My family and I go to the football games every year, but this year we had an oportunity of a lifetime….NIU made it to the Orange Bowl!!!! This is the first time a school like NIU has ever been to a BCS game before, so no matter the outcome of the game, it was a huge deal that we were even in the game!

My family, and the family of one of my mom’s coworkers all traveled down to Fort Lauderdale and Miami to watch NIU in the Orange Bowl on New Years Day!

As we visited the beach, ate at various restaurants, and drove to and from places, we all wore NIU gear the entire 4 days we were there. We displayed the NIU flag all over town while we took pictures with it.  We even stopped a guy who was walking his husky puppy and asked him if we could take a picture with his dog. We explained why we were asking, but he seemed really confused! Either way, we ended up getting a picture with his puppy!

It was a blast being in another state and having so many people cheering for NIU as we drove around. When we were eating lunch and dinner, people would come up to us and tell us that they hope NIU wins over Florida State. We would ask them where they are from and they would tell us Florida! To have people from Florida telling us good luck and that they hope we win, it was crazy!

I love to tailgate for all the Northern Illinois games, but I’ve never been to a stadium larger than Soldier Field in Chicago, so to tailgate and watch a game in such a large stadium was an amazing experience for me! We tailgated and played the fight song at least 100 times, and took silly pictures. When we entered the stadium, all of our jaws were on the ground! We’ve never been in a stadium like that! We took an escalator to the 400 level deck and then watched as the NIU team busses pulled up and the players all got off. The whole time, my dad said “this is awesome”, and I couldn’t have agreed more!

Northern lost to Florida State 10-31. Like I said, regardless of the outcome, it was a huge deal that Northern Illinois was even at a game like the Orange Bowl!!

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