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Tired of cafeteria food?

Cafeteria food can only keep you going for so long so every so often my friends and I like to venture off campus and find places to eat! Here are a few places that I would recommend checking out.

The Little Rangoon

This is a little restaurant tucked away on a corner of 5th Ave in Moline. It doesn’t look like much from the outside but you will know it by the red awning. They serve wonderful Burmese food. Burmese food it is delicious and not spicy at all but light and still  rich in flavor. The decor is not the best but the service treats you like family and will show and tell you different ways to eat the food and explain the various sauces. I recommend what they call the SKS because it is difficult to pronounce, haha, it is glass noodle with your choice of beef, chicken, or pork shredded marinated meat on top.

Lemon grass

An upbeat Asian fusion cafe that was a little more in the pricy side. But the food is delicious and the portions are huge (which makes the price issue better). They also serve exotic drinks such as Asian coffees and my favorite Thai ice tea. I went here for a friends birthday, it is a nicer place so it was an excuse to dress up. Because of the cost I would save this place for a time such as some ones birthday or a date rather than just going out to eat for fun. I had the pad-thai and it was amazing!

Sesame Kimichi

Not the most appetizing name but I highly recommend this place. I am a big fan of Korean food  so I was excited when I first saw this place (right across from Dunkin Doughnuts in davenport). They serve a fair variety of Korean food which is a little on the pricy side, about $10-$13 a plate, but again the portions are huge and they include a variety of different Kimichi for appetizer as well as a large side of rice. And for the less adventurous they also serve normal Chinese food found at any chinese restaurant for the average price. For those who have never had korean food I recommend Gal-bi (beef short ribs).

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