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Christmas on Campus Makes Me Feel at Home

Every day when I am at Augustana I try to remind myself why I chose to enroll here, and how lucky I am that I am able to go to college at all. One reason that has recently made itself known throughout campus is the celebration of Christmas. You might be thinking, “Christmas? At school? Oh no!” However, Augustana is a small private liberal arts school. (In other words, we do what we want.) While Augie welcomes everyone of all faiths (or no faith), Augustana identifies itself with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. This is a form of Christianity, which means that Christmas is definitely celebrated here.

Celebrate Christmas when you work out!



Chill in the Erickson lounge!

Throughout campus there are Christmas trees displayed in different buildings. They are decorated elegantly whether it be in an administrative building, academic building, or residence hall. No one is ashamed of calling them “Christmas trees”. I’ve even noticed that even a lot (probably not all) of my friends that do not identify themselves as Christians, but still celebrate Christmas, call these trees, “Christmas trees”. They feel like it gives them a similar sense of being at home and welcomed as I feel.

Go to the Wilson Center and enjoy Comedy Club on a Saturday night (and Celebrate Christmas!)

Go eat and be merry in the Westerlin Dining Hall!

I love how each tree has a different personality. Some trees are decorated with long illustrious ribbons draping from the apex, while others are decorated with ornaments that a person would see in their own home, and then some look like they are right out of a department store.

The best part about the these Christmas trees are the presents underneath them. Particularly the tree on the first floor of the library. There are presents to the library staff from very

The tree on the second floor of the Library

important people like “President Obama” and many other famous folks that apparently love our library staff. If you are bored (or procrastinating) I would recommend you go take a look – it’s quite entertaining!

The tree on the first floor of the library has some interesting presents underneath of it!

If I were to go to a larger or public school I would not have this kind of opportunity to feel at home. Sure, schools decorate for the holidays; however, public institutions can’t hang up banners all over saying that they are celebrating Christmas like Augustana can. Now all we need is SNOW!!

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