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Thanksgiving in Noblesville, Indiana

  This past thanksgiving was quite a thrill as I got to blow off steam with a wrestling teammate of mine, Alex Bowers. The road trip to his house was a a daunting task filled with country music and enough Twizzlers to give diabetes to a rhino. It was a pretty unique Thanksgiving as I saw many firsts in my life. For example, I witnessed an infant get a dinner roll thrown at her head. In all fairness she probably started it, I am also a terrible person for laughing hysterically at it. There are special places reserved for men like me.

Like being front row at this concert

My friend wanted to take me hunting afterwards. We went with his family to their farm and got to work right away. The first night we were set up in a tower that overlooked flat ground surrounded by trees. We saw one deer that was out of our sight, clearly teasing us. Then again, how in the Denzel Washington’s symmetrical face could anyone miss that tower? The guns were ready and Alex “wild-card” Bowers was ready to strike like a cobra on a mouse.

The next day was bitterly cold. It was as if Jack Frost got in a fight with his girlfriend Nagatha Christy, lost his keys, had a bad hair day, and the dog peed on the floor. He was clearly a bit disturbed that day and even though we were in the tower our limbs felt like they were being bit through the layers of clothing. We began our hunting at 6 a.m and stayed warm through small talk. It wasn’t until about noon when four deer started prancing on the horizon. My friend did his best impression of Quick Draw Mcgraw and smoked a deer. This was the first time I had been a part of a deer hunt and the experience is as addicting as potato chips and reruns of Gossip Girl (is that what kids watch now?). We got to come back to school with quite a bit of meat and are already planning to have a feast with our brethren at this school.

Apologies for any grossness, but we bought it this way in the wild.


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